EISP Intern Application and Scholarship Application (Summer Experience)

EISP Intern Application and Scholarship Application is for students interested in entrepreneurial experiences during the academic year. Upon completion of the application students will be matched to available entrepreneurial internships with external companies. Internship experiences available include marketing, budgeting, sales and accounting. Experience the world of a startup by working as an intern alongside the founders. Students may also apply for scholarship funding through this application. If awarded this scholarship, it cannot be combined with another institutional internship scholarship.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Term of internship (summer 2023)
  2. What type of internship do you desire?
  3. Are you enrolled in the summer course ENTR 40010 (Special Problems in Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Internship) class?
  4. Do you have reliable daily transportation up to 20 miles?
  5. Select all skills in which you have moderate to proficient experience:

    (Please select all that apply.)
  6. Briefly list your work experience and other skill sets. The clearer the information provided regarding your skill set will help pair you with the best internship experience available.
  7. Briefly explain why you want to work for a startup company.
  8. What would you like to learn from this internship?
  9. Describe how this internship fits with your academic goals.
  10. What are your long-term career goals? How do you think this experience will help you achieve them?
  11. Are you interested in applying for scholarship funding to assist with internship expenses? If yes, complete the question regarding financial impact.
  12. Financial Impact of Internship: provide information related to incurring additional costs as related to the internship only.
    • 1. Do you anticipate your housing cost to increase due to your internship?
    • 2. Do you anticipate your transportation cost to increase due to your internship?
    • 3. Describe any anticipated expenses associated with completing this experience or any additional information you would like to share with the review committee. (Include travel, transportation, parking/toll fees, software, technology purchased, etc.)
  13. Please upload your resume.
  14. Authorize and Release Statement
    • 1. I confirm the information I provide on this form, as well as my education record, financial and FAFSA, TASFA or CSS data, can be shared with the Scholarship Selection Committee and scholarship providers for the application, award, and/or administration of institutional aid programs, or for the purpose of assisting me in applying for and receiving financial assistance for any component of my cost of attendance. I authorize release of personally identifiable information protected by FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as amended) as applicable for application, award and administration of all scholarship opportunities through this process. For further questions please call 817-257-7858.
    • 2. Full Name
    • 3. Authorization Date
  15. Permission to Release Information & Resume
    • 1. I permit the Office of Scholarships & Student Financial Aid and/or the EISP Scholarship Committee to release skill information and my resume to potential external companies for the express purpose of selection for an internship.
    • 2. Full Name
    • 3. Date
  16. Agreement
    • I agree that I am submitting my Intern Application for consideration and I agree to the following: 1. I will abide by the Code of Conduct and Funding Agreement. 2. I will provide a post-experience summary report and agree it can be used by TCU on its websites or for marketing and communication purposes before the internship concludes. 3. If applicable, I will send a “Thank You” letter outlining the impact of the internship to the Scholarship provider within 30 days of the completion of the internship. My application is complete.
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